Logs files size, very large!

My file logs size in Pixhawk 2.1 (the cube) are about 80MB for 30 minutes flight. I thought this was normal but a frind of mine told me his log files are never bigger than 5MB. My parameter LOG_BITMASK=65535.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I think 80MB sounds about normal for a 30min flight. I’m not sure why your friend has much smaller logfiles.

May be he was talking about Tlogs… Thank you!

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my log file size are all above 200MB, (cube orange), for less then 5min flight time.
I think I am saving some unwanted stuff, any suggestions to reduce it

Thank you

It will depend on these parameters


there is a parameter you can use LOG_FILE_RATEMAX which sets the maximum rate of any streaming (repeated) log message

Thank You,
currently the LOG_FILE_RATEMAX in my aircraft is set to 0, according to the Ardupilot Document.) its recommended to set it to 400Hz, I want to know what will be the effect of doing this, can you please explain me :upside_down_face:

Thank you

setting to 400 won’t do anything as no message is over 400Hz now.
To make the logs smaller I’d recommend setting it to 25 or so