Logging with Kakute F7 mini (has no micro SD card slot!)

I am looking for ways to log from Kakute F7 mini (which has no micro SD card slot) to Mission Planner. Currently only a few messages appear in the “Messages” tab of Mission Planner when FC is connected via USB.

As there is currently something behaving strange on the drone which results in stopping the motors during flight. It can also be reproduced when the drone is held in the hands (without props) and in that case it would be possible to have the USB cable connecte to the PC running Mission Planner.

When LOG_BACKEND_TYPE is set to 2 (MAVlink logging) it should output some logging via telemetry and when connected via USB I also would expect this logging data somewhere in Mission Planner - but where? It does not appear in the “Messages” tab.

Does Block Logging not work?

In ArduCopter 4.0.0 I do not see that option (block logging) anymore.

Just set log_backend_type to 4.

OK, I will try. But looking at this pull request…

…block logging still seems to be something very fragile.

I have set LOG_BACKEND_TYPE to 4 and the good news is, that I still get no “Bad Logging” message. The bad news is, that I still get no log although I disarmed it and had it running (fixed on ground) for some minutes.

Yes, there seems to be a couple problems with this FC being addressed. Logging and an open issue with the IMU.

After flashing the firmware which is dedicated for the F7 Mini and configuring from scratch, I can report, that the block logging now works (even though there still may be several issues to be fixed - see the link to pull request above in post #5).