Log to file error when another mavlink object present

I get errors in log writing on file whenever i have any other mavlink object on the aircraft (in my case basecam).
I have had this problem for years now, if i enable log to file and store it with mavproxy or mavlink-router it works if ardupilot is the only object that has a mavlink id on board. As soon as i have any other object with a mavlink id it generates an error and doesn’t write logs to companion directory anymore. As soon as i remove the gimbal it restart working again.
I hoped that this problem would have been resolved in 4.1.x but i still have it on latest rc release.
I can’t make the serial comunication to the gimbal private because i need its mavlink messages to be visible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Corrado_Steri,

I guess this is really an issue with the logging software on the companion computer? My guess is that it is not related to the the software on the autopilot (but I could be wrong of course).

@WickedShell has also recently reported some issues with logging on the companion computer (I think) so he may have some advice.

I guess @peterbarker might have some advice as well.

By the way, I think that on our companion computer images for the RPI4 (and other companion computers) we install dflogger.

I can try dflogger too, is there any documentation on installing and configuring it?

I wondered dozens of times why i am the only one having this problem but maybe not many people have a basecam gimbal and log to a companion.

would like to go to the bottom of the problem now because i need to download logs from companion over the lte network.

Same problem here, nov 2018, 3 years ago:

I tried to give Peter as many info as possible but i think he just dropped the ball at some point.

I mentioned mavlink-router and mavproxy do the same exact thing so it is not related to a specific software.



p.s. i posted same question on mavlink-router github, Lucas jumped on it, hopefully he will be able to reproduce the prob and solve it.