Log Crash analysis Hexa

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well!

I had a problem, dificult to deduct whats going on… Cheking the log, the only strange I can see is this battery behavor, seems to be a kind of shortcut for a little while, then the drone start to fall, but not fast, start to decend fast, but not like a rock.

About the short, if the FC didnt reset or power off, I think the short was made on the ESC circuit or someting outside the BECs (12 and 5V), em i right?

here is the complete log, can you pls chek it and give me your comments? thanks!


Looks to me that you had a loss of thrust on Motor 6 (PWM output max) and the opposing Motor 5 dropped to minimum to compensate attitude… Then it lost altitude essentially running on 4 motors.

Nice tune on that craft!

great, thanks! And what do you think the current behavor mean? the motors can draw just 16Amps each one, and the log show the amps went to 120 amps, and the voltage to 0…

You could be right that the ESC on Motor 5 failed. Or possibly the motor which then spiked the current. What does testing on the bench now show?

the motor number 6 was the most damadged, was hanginf from the frame… the ESC are below the motors, so it was hanging too. The N5 run justs fine.

The ESC have one of the motor connectors lose from the board, but I cant tell if it was because the crash or went lose in the air