Log Analysis of Crash(Almost)

Hi all,

We were flying our quadcopter. We were performing a small automatic mission and towards the end of the flight, drone gave an error “EKF3 lane switch 1” and started drifting off. We luckily jumped to Altitude hold mode quickly and recovered.

Here is the link for the log

Can someone guide us why this could have happend?

The copter was tuned properly with a Throttle based HNTCH enabled. It was flying prety decently till the last minute. Unsure why this have happened.

Please help us debug.

Because vibration compensation was triggered. Do you have a log of a simple hover flight? It’s difficult to see what’s going on with all the stop/starts for the Waypoints. If you make another flight to collect that log set these:
Need to review the Notch filter as the FTN data in this log isn’t helpful.

What I found out was, INS_GYRO_FILTER was accidentally set to 60 Hz. Would this have caused the issue? @dkemxr

What prop size and battery?
Yes generally disable the batch logging options after use but I was asking for them to be re-enabled for review. The Accel filter should be left at 10hz

It could have produced the output oscillation seen in the previous log. There is some noise in the last log also. Don’t disable the IMU. The There was also a GPS glitch which can contribute to a lane change and activation of Vibration Failsafe. It’s not only triggered by vibration but velocity and position Innovations being too high, so a combination of things.
Vibration Failsafe