Loading a custom parameter file for multiple SITL instances

Hello lovely people of the community,

So I am trying to simulate a scenario involving 4 drones (Copter frame) using SITL. Each of these drones needs to have custom parameters which are set by me in the following manner: I open Mission-Planner, make the required parameter changes, and save it as ./SITL_Params/sitl_params.param in my working directory.

When I simulate only one drone (i.e. one instance of SITL) using these modified parameters with the command ./Tools/autotest/sim_vehicle.py -v copter --add-param-file=./SITL_Params/sitl_params.param --map --console, it runs flawlessly and as expected. But then, while doing the same for 4 drones (i.e. 4 simultaenous SITL instances) using ./Tools/autotest/sim_vehicle.py --vehicle=Copter --count=4 --auto-sysid --add-param-file=./SITL_Params/sitl_params.param --map --console, the TCP connection from the SITL instances can not be created and the following error from each instance is obtained:

So it seems that any of the SITL instances are now not able to read the param file. Is there any way to run the four drone SITL with the custom parameter file? Furthermore, I would ideally create a unique parameter file for each drone, so is there any way to load multiple parameter files at once with SITL?

Thanks for the time and any comments.