Load two missions at once and switch with rc channel

Hello everyone, I have a question for the community.
I would like to load 2 or more missions on my plane, I explain:
I would like to load my mission, but in case of having to land early and without having to reload the mission by telemetry, to be able to switch through an RC channel to another saved mission that would only be landing; I would also like to have, for example, 2 or more landings saved to change them if the wind changes at the end of the mission. It would also serve to switch to a secondary mission in case of any inconvenience.
I think the main advantage would be the different landings saved with the convenience of switching through the stick on the transmitter. I would always be calmer to be able to change it that way, because I cannot always correctly load the mission with telemetry at first and, in the case of landing, it would be crucial to be able to change it in a second if the weather conditions change worse.

Greetings and by the way happy year to all.

I think you could do something very similar to that using some scripting, but @WickedShell is our Lua scripting man…

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