Live Data Fetching

Help Needed. I’m building a quad copter for survey purposes. I was wondering how I could acquire real time flight data such as the following:

GPS coordinates
Rangefinder Data
Compass Direction
Gimbal tilt angle
Barometer Altitude

I have found forum posts regarding post flight statistics. However, I am more concerned with fetching this data during the flight.

In addition, are there any methods for taking a screen shot of the video at any moment the copter is flying.

Ideally, I would like to feed this data along with a picture into a separate program to calculate the geo-location and dimensions of objects in the screenshot.

Standard telemetry will give you that on a ground station. Or if you’re using Frsky you can get a lot of it on your transmitter:

OK. I’ve never used ArduPilot before and I plan on using Mission Planner on the ground station. In addition, I plan on using the taranis X9 lite with the R9m lite pro and R9mm for longer range. Do i still need sik transceiver units to get the telemetry data on mission planner itself? Or is there a way to get telemetry data from the taranis in Mission Planner?

This is regarding in flight data, not telemetry logs.