List of abbreviations (e.g. BRD)

Hello, I’m new here and I’m setting up a fixed wing based on the Pixhawk.

I’m having a hard time to find the meanings of a lot of abbreviations, such as BRD, just to mention one.

Is there somewhere a list with all abbreviations used for the parameters and any way, in general?
That would be a great help to understand why some parameters are called as they are and would help to remember them better.

Thanks & Cheers

I think the parameter list can give you an idea:

HI, thank you, that is the list I’m using, Unfortunately it does not always give a hint for what the abbreviations mean. I was looking for an explicit abbreviation list.

Well, at least I think to know what BRN means: board? :wink:


Perhaps you can suggest to add what you find missing in the instructions here:[Complete%20Parameter%20List](

With pleasure: Since I’m going through the whole process of learning the parameters, I’m willing to create a abbreviation list myself for some wiki out there.

On github, how should I use the editor? Just as I wish?


There’s no list. The parameters have a name length limitation so sometimes we have to be creative with the abbreviations, but I think that most can be figured out pretty easily. If you have any specific one you would like to know I’ll try to answer.

Yes. It is the prefix for all the parameters in the BoardConfig library :slight_smile:

Hi, yes I understand, luckily, many abbreviation are obvious, but not all, especially, if you are new here and do not know the typical vocabulary. I think, especially for newcomers, it wouldn’t be bad to have such a list. It would save some time looking for the meaning of them.

So, as I stated above, if there is a place where I can add the explanation of some abbreviation, I’m please to participate in creating that list.


Such a list would have to be in the wiki, I suggest you read

Ups, I’m not really into github. I did try it out for a few days, but that was some years ago.
Since I do not have time to start testing the whole procedure described in the link, I would just create my own list and maybe send it to you to create a new page and implement it. If you agree.

I won’t have the time to do that - I suggest you create the lists (each vehicle needs it’s own list) and post them as an issue in