Lightware SF11/C with IR Lock

Hey everyone!

I seem to be encountering an issue with the Lightware SF11/C.

I’m running the latest firmware in the SF11/C (1.5.0) and AC3.6.2 RC2.
The SF11/C is connected via I2C, and independently powered with Ground Continuity to the Pixhawk 2.

Initially, the readings were solid and non-fluctuating.
But the problem suddenly arose in which the altimeter read-outs are erratic. Sometimes spiking at 130 or 655.
This is observed both indoor and outdoor.
I also noted that intense ambient sunlight seems to react with the values too.
An additional observation is, the IR Lock Beacon immediately impedes the performance of the SF11/C, and spikes the Sonar Alt values to 130 constant.

Anybody encountering the same issues?

How are you powering the SF11/C?


It’s powered independently with a 5v regulator to ensure no browning out.

did you get it working?