Lightware Lidar SF11 not working with ChibiOS

On the Cube (Black) there appears to be an issue with ChibiOS and the Lightware SF11 connected via the serial port. Running 3.6.4 on NuttX there is not problem as soon as 3.6.4 is loaded wth ChibiOS the lidar stops functioning. Any thoughts welcome and apologies is this is posted in the wrong place. I have verified that this is not a power issue by powering the lidar from an external source. On a second AP running Arduplane 3.9.4 with NuttX the lidar functions as soon as I run 3.9.4 with ChibiOS it does not.

Per the facebook post

This is a ChibiOS specific issue ALSO on plane 3.9.x (chibiOS builds).