LIDAR Lite V3, PWM not working with Pixhawk2.1 Cube Black, ChibiOS , ArduPlane FMW V4.0.5

I am not able to get lidar lite V3 working with PWM :pensive:

I am using Pixhawk2.1 Black Cube, ChibiOS, Arduplane FMW V4.0.5 stable.

I did the same as described in the link.

Power over ESC on Servo Rail

The sensor is working fine on 3DR Pixhawk 2.4.8 using PWM and I2C.
but with the Cube Black, it worked fine with I2C and without any issues, but when testing it with PWM, not working.

I tried to remove safety switch, power it with external BEC, arm it, but still not working.
and even with old firmware using a both: ChibiOS and NuttX.

anyone can help, please?

I have the same problem. I could not use Lidar Lite V3 with PWM.