Lidar Lite v1 No longer works

Upgraded yesterday from Arducopter 3.3.3 to 3.6.7 and the Lidar no longer works. I am using the PWM connection method. I have checked the supply to the Lidar but it only produces 0 sonar range and sonar voltage.

I notice that SERVO6_Function is 38 (Motor 6) and SERVO5_FUNCTION is 37. Is that correct when using those outputs for driving the Lidar?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

regards Peter

Check to see if this update installed Chibios, if so, Lidar over PWM is not yet supported yet with Chibios and will not work.

Thanks for the response. I thought I had refused ChiBos. How do I check which system I have?


When I upgraded to 3.6.7 Chibios was installed, and it was not intentional. I understand that it is possible to go back to Nuttex, but its not simple. I just moved my Lidar-Lite V2 to the i2c. It works now over i2c.

Thanks for your help.

I wish I had never upgraded now as I’ve just broken a prop trying to take off - with version 3.3.3 it flew without incident for many, many flights.

Sadly my Lidar is a version 1 and I used PWM becuase there were supposed to be issues with I2C.

regards Peter

Did you verify that your now Chibios? If so, then I would redo all the setup calibrations, just to be sure.

Don’t feel bad, I broke a few props this past weekend, I blame “bad gps position,” but mostly I blame myself for taking off in loiter with a gps warning. I should know better. Now I wait for a propeller delivery.