Lidar Depth control on lego submarine

I asked a while ago if anyone has ever tested a lidar underwater but didnt get any answers, but it turns out they do work.


Really cool bit of engineering in that little submarine!

Very cool that the LIDAR seems unaffected by the acrylic (or polycarbonate).

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I have always wanted to build a sub, il get around to it one day.

I had thought about it before since I have a waterproof lidar (the tfmini plus), but I never got around to actually placing it in water.

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if I could avoid obstacles.I was wondering if I could get the terrain underwater with a scanning radar

radar won’t work underwater as the radio waves get absorbed by the water.

Why is single-point obstacle avoidance possible?

Why is single-point obstacle avoidance possible? I mean LIDAR

The lidar will only work in very clear water like a pool, as soon as it gets murky it won’t be able to give a distance, sonar works better as it can see through murky water. you can do it with a sonar module and a servo

But how does sonar data form an overall 3D underwater terrain map?

i used to use a UAV with a visible light camera to shoot on the ground, and later came out with a new laser radar to scan the ground. The principle of laser radar is also a lot of points for ranging, to obtain the position of the obstacle, as long as the point is enough, it will be inverted into a three-dimensional skeleton model. In theory, it should be possible to form underwater terrain similar to point clouds, but I don’t know if there are such tools and technologies.

you can do a phased array.