Li-ion low voltage cutoff

Hello! I’m using a castle creations 100 amp esc with a 6s Li-ion battery pack and arduplane.

I’m wondering what I should make the low voltage shutoff for both my esc and in the arduplane settings since the li-ion cell sheet says 2.5v is the discharge ending voltage.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have the exact same questions, but it’s pretty sad that more than a year later nobody took the effort to aswer this.

It is mostly recommended to turn of esc cut off with li ion batteries. However, i am no expert.

It’s probably because there is no “low voltage shutoff” in the Arduplane settings. There are levels of voltage and current Failsafe settings. Unless he was talking about an Action from a FS, then there is a Terminate command which will disarm the vehicle. But I don’t think that’s what he was talking about.

I don’t think this is possible, I programmed my ESC as low as possible at 2,8v but it’s not possible to turn it off completely

I think you got a point, but what settings do you need to set in Ardupilot when using Lion, the battery empty voltage level is default set for lipos, so when flying it’s possible to use a lion cell safe until 2,8volts.

OK, then set the battery Failsafe to 2.8V if that’s what you want.

If there is no option to turn cut off voltage off on the esc, it is usually done by changing the cell type to nimh in the esc settings. And change the cell count to the least possible. That ought to do it.
With arduplane, i like to set the FS voltage to 18, you can go lower. And turn it off completely as well. Everything up to you.

Didn’t think about that, thanks for the tip I will try this.

Sorry for the late reply, but I read on another forum that the way around the min 2.8v limit is by setting the cell type to NiMh and that should allow you to go below the 2.8 limit