Li-ion Battery causes height oscillation


I am using a Li-ion Battery (5000 mAH - 5C), but experiencing some oscillations. Does it have to do with the discharge rate (5C) when current demand is higher (e.g 30A)?

What you mean by oscillations? What’s oscillating? Do you mean it looks like the battery can’t supply 30A or so? The battery gets too hot when you use it? What cell type (form factor) is it?

What I mean is, the copter drifts after takeoff. I checked motors and frame, also changed esc. Battery cilindrical form

Provide a link to .bin flight log file.

In a couple of day, after a new config., I should get another one.

Without the .bin file it’s just a guess, but I think the battery can not handle the peak current required at times in order to fly stable and smooth.
Do you have a power monitor installed which provides constant current readings?