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Leonard Hall's talk on "Practical PID implementation"


(rmackay9) #1

This video is Leonard Hall’s (ArduPilot’s control expert) presentation on “Practical PID Implementation and the new Attitude Controllers” recorded during the recent SZUAVIA conference in Shenzhen China.

Apologies for the sound and video quality but the content is still good so hopefully people will find it useful.

Thanks to Jani and the Shenzhen UAV Industry Association for organising and sponsoring the conference and giving us an opportunity to meet up with our ArduPilot users in China!

More videos coming soon!

(darrell) #2

Great talk. Last time I heard Leonard speak about 95% went over my head but I actually understood a bit of this and found it very interesting. Thanks.

(cala2) #3

Nice, so didactic and easy to understand english for a very difficult topic to common people like me; Thank´s Leonard and Randy to share.