LEFT and RIGHT motors

I’m using the APMrover2 firmware with the pxfmini, but I have two motors instead of one servo and one motor.
How can I change the rc_function on APM PLANNER so I can use the pxfmini output pin to move the motor?
For example in the rover configuration

the esc is on channel 3 and the servo is on channel one. I want that on the first and third channel there are both trhottles instead of motor+servo.

Anyone can help me???

Thank you.

Update to the latest available ArduRover FW and change the parameter:

thank you @amilcarlucas, where can I find the latest ArduRover Firmware and how can I install it to erlebrain3?

Thank you

Hi @amilcarlucas,

Latest master?



No, master is not needed, just Rover-3.2.0-rc2 release for beta testing!

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