LED Question is this right

I am running 3.6 RC12. loving it so far. but I had a question
I have noticed I get a Solid green status led…which the literature says is your good to go GPS acquired. No way that is right, I am in the basement with an hdop of 100.

so wondering if this is a change to the firmware and the documentation needs to be updated.

Pixracer and rc12.

Can you provide more information please?

A .bin file from the flight controller would help.

Do you get the solid green…when?
Before arming?
After arming?
On bootup?

The more info you give the more we can tell you.

I am going to park this issue.
I tried to reproduce it while videoing the result and got 4 different results.
I have no come to the conclusion there is a power issue I need to resolve. I think the becs I am using are not up to the task.

Will correct that and post an update once done if the green led persists.