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Learning Arducopter Control Chain Tuning with Xplane 10


@frizensami and myself are in the process of learning to tune the control chain in ArduCopter using Xplane. We’ve been struggling for some time but finally making some headway. After studying @tridge 's params for the jet ranger in xplane, things only got better until we started focusing on a few things

  1. Focus on tweaking rate PIDs to get a smooth time (critically damped) response curve of the current Angle “chasing” the Desired Angle (RP&Y)
  2. Accepting some degree of steady state error in “Current Angle vs Desired Angle (RP&Y)” while in Stablized mode - about 1 to 2 degrees - using P gain from the rate PIDs and adding a tiny bit of D and I gains. Previously, we’ve been trying to get the current angle to match perfectly the desired angle
  3. Reduce ACCEL_Z_P down to .3 - and even lower for smaller helis. – this helped A LOT.
  4. Start with real low VEL_XY PID and POS P gains - work our way up by LOITERING and looking at the drift on the map screen.
  5. Keep the rest default, maybe bumping up ANGULAR YAW P for yaw performance while in forward flight – we took @tridge’s jet ranger params and ZERO’ed out the key ATC params and slowly worked up from there.

Using the few key pointers above, here are the param files for the R22 and the smallish Raptor heli. They aren’t the best it can be yet but it seems flyable in auto mode. We even tried a 21 knot wind on the R22 on our params and it worked fairly well. However, it is after all a simulator (we’re hoping its at least 80% representative of reality) – we’re waiting out for new batteries before hitting the field again for tuning.

We thought we’d share here and also learn from others who might have more experience than us.

R22TCTuning29May2017.param (14.7 KB)
RaptorTCTuning29May2017.param (14.7 KB)

  • Raptor in a hover after an auto mission.


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