Latest Mission Planner update - disconnects while TX is on

When I did the latest update to Mission planner I was no longer to connect with my TX. I can connect to it if the TX is off. I can connect initially with it connected but if I leave it connected MP disconnects and will not connect again. Say it cannot find com port.

How can I roll back to the previous version. I have not looked yet but I am assuming that I can uninstall this version and reinstall the previous.

I am using an APM 2.6 with Ublox NEO-M8N GPS Module

My TX/RX is a Turnigy - iA10 TX and an iA10 RX. Firmware on the TX is 1.07. Unknown what it is on the RX

Is the APM being powered from the USB port only?
If so, try powering the APM via another means such as a battery as well.
It is a guess but it may be that the additional power required by the RX is too much for the USB port

I tried that. But thanks for the quick reply!

I would have mentioned that but as I said in the first part that it was working fine on the earlier release.

I think you were dead on with your thought. I did not mention the added items I had on-board. I have a WIFI telemetry module and I unplugged it and it is connecting again with no issues. I also inadvertently unbound my RX so I had that to deal with as well. But thanks alot, gave me something to think about and I was able to figure ti out based on your suggestion.