Latest 4.1.0-Dev Breaks Frsky Telemetry on PixRacer

After updating to latest Copter Master (4.1.0-dev) Frsky telemetry back to the Transmitter (Yaapu script) is no longer working. Flash back to Stable and it’s good. I tested this on 2 different PixRacers. This was discovered while experimenting with Andy’s bi-directional Dshot but the problem is not in his release.

Anyone else see this?

Hi Dave,
I won’t be able to test till later today, I do have a pixracer so I should be able to reproduce it, what receiver and firmware are you testing with?

I was running

2020-12-20 13:19:43.79: STATUSTEXT {severity : 6, text : ArduPlane V4.1.0dev (84e578b3), id : 0, chunk_seq : 0}

with passthrough telemetry without issue.

Hi Alex- Both have R9 Rx’s on ACCST FCC (an R9 and a R9MM-OTA). To Peter’s point the version of Arducopter is V4.1.0-dev (662814d6) from yesterday.

I just repeated the test on the one with the R9MM and when flashed back to V4.0.5 telemetry returns.

…I don’t have that receiver, I do have an R9mm and an R9mini non OTA though, I’ll test with those, should be pretty close to your setup (I’ll be on flex @100mW)

Dave sport or fport?

Sport on these

Something odd. I saved the -dev parameter file from yesterday and when comparing it to todays RC_OPTIONS was set at 32. I don’t know how that got there and it’s not a valid bitmask value. But anyway today’s is back to 0 and no-go

@dkemxr Dave first quick test on a Pixracer v1 + X8R on ACCST D16 V1.x does not show any issues, tested bidir frsky too, next is the R9 rx/tx combo.

EDIT: working fine with R9mm on flex v20190201

OK, thanks a lot for testing Alex. It must be Something on my end I’ll have to figure out.

I don’t know if this clue will help me but as this screenshot shows it is receiving telemetry otherwise the NO TELEMETRY message would be present.
Telem dev

Same setup flashed to 4.0.5 Stable:
Telem Stable

And it happesn on 2 different Pixracers. A head scratcher so far…

launch the /TOOLS/Yaapu Debug.lua script, it will show if you’re receiving passthrough packets

No, no packets received. I thought I was on to something but no, still stumped.

Can it be related to this issue: FrSky telemetry (yaapu) working on F405, failing on BB Blue - ArduPlane / Plane 4.0 - ArduPilot Discourse
I’m getting no telemetry either. Using R-XSR.

I don’t think so unless you have it working on current Stable and it fails on the latest 4.1.0-dev. This is what I am seeing with 2 Pixacers that have been working fine since the Yaapu LUA was released.

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Dave might be worth doing a bisection and find the commit that broke it for you?

I first noticed it trying Andy’s bi-directional Dshot which is based on Master but it’s not in his code because when I revert to “regular” Master the problem is still there.

Heading out of town for a bit to beat this cold weather, will pick it up in the New Year!

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

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