Laser range finder and Optical flow on a gimbal

Hello all,

First time posting here though I’ve been visiting this forum for years.
I have a quad with the 2.1 cube equipped with a lw20 laser range finder and a px4flow sensor on a gimbal.
Essentially the range finder and flow sensor will always look vertically down no matter what attitude the drone is in. And here is what I am not sure about:
Does this setup confuse the velocity estimator code in px4flow?
From what I gathered, px4flow compensates for velocity changes from attitude changes. With my setup, this compensation should theoretically go to zero? But i also remember someone mentioned the attitude used in px4flow for compensation comes from pixhawk’s IMU because gyro on the px4flow board is not as accurate.

Has any tried this kind of setup? Posts I saw on the forum have the sensors fixed to the drone body frame.