Large Power Distribution Board (TL2996)

Hey Guys what’s up? I’m putting together a Jmrrc 1650 16kg spray drone. I have all the hardware but now I’m at the point of plumbing in the power system. The PDB I’m using is the Tarot TL2996. it is capable of 6s or 12s. I want to put it together using the 12s configuration. In the diagram it shows the 12s set up in series. I have never hooked up a power system in series before. Here is a link

They recommend a AS150 connection but I can’t find any xt90 to AS150 in parallel. could I get away with using 2, 6s batteries plugged into each receptacle or am I gonna have to make my own adapter. I see in the advertisement that you can use 2 6s, but
I’m not sure how to proceed. Any input would be great. thank you for your time.

I have that board. I don’t use it anymore but I am pretty sure to get 12s you put 6s into each pair. In fact their documentation shows that.

If your goal s 4 6s batteries you have to put two in parallel on each plug.

The adapter is easy to solder up. Lots of shrink tubing and your off.

would this work if I wanted to hook up a single 12s battery?

Battery formula =
mAH/1000 = Amps
Amps x C (Discharge Rate) = ACD (Amps Continuous discharg)

6s 5200 50C
5200/1000 = 5.2Amps
5.2 x 50 = 260Amps (in series multiply by 2 = 520 amps)

PDB rating = 480amps (continueous)

12s 12000 20c
12000/1000 = 12amps
12 x 20 = 240 amps

I’m torn between using 2 6s or one 12s, she is big


I think the xt90’s in this harness are fake tho

12s to as150 would this work as well

6s , one plugged to each, would I get 45 volt?

The 1250 came out nice, Pixhawk Cube, Foxeer VTX, kA3 PMU, xrotor 60 amp pro ESC’s, and 6258 330KV. She’s 6s but I’m not sure if I should still use the xt90 for the battery. Are xt90 good for industrial AG’s. Hope I can get some help with figuring out the 1650 power supply, I have everything but a 12s battery to test. I want to start a business in AG, maybe start out with mitigation first.

2 battery packs in series (assuming they are very equal in quality) still only gives 1x Amps, not 2 x Amps.
So 2 times 6S 5200 50C packs in series will make 12S 5200 50C = still 260 Amps

2 packs in parallel would give 2 X Amps

if use the packs in series will the Voltage increase. I need at least 45v

I think what I need is a pic of a drone wired up in series. I’m still confused as to how that type of system looks. Anyone have a pic of a drone wired in series. I cannot find any pic on the internet

So can I just get away with plugging a 6s to each terminal, and still get 45 volts?