Landing Gear retracts during landing and deploys when passing through retract altitude

I just had a great maiden flight for my Tarot 650 sport. I’m using 4.0.5 rc beta firmware with Pixhawk 2.4.8.
I configured it for automatic retract when taking off passing through 2M and deploy when descending passing through 1M. I also have my transmitter configured to control the gear. When I take off and pass through 2M, the gear doesn’t retract, then when return to land, the gear retracts when I pass through 1M. I’m flying in Position Hold flight mode. I can manually deploy the gear from my transmitter, so not a big deal. Is there something that needs to be reversed, possibly PWM values for Aux 1? Thanks to anyone who can provide an answer.

Take a look at the SERVO_9_REVERSED parameter. Google is your friend :wink:

There was a tech note out sometime ago I remember reading that said that on the Tarot controller some gear got out the door with the wires reversed on the gear lead.
The Tarot controller basically sends 7.5 volts to the gear to run the motor. It reverses the voltage to deploy the gear. In either case it then times out after a set period to not burn out the motor. IF the gear is working in the reverse order, the wires that connect to the gear are reversed.
My last set had one correct and one faulty. Try landing when that goes wrong. lol

Thanks for the replies. I’ll be flying again next Saturday. Maybe I’ll just try reversing the servo commands first. If that doesn’t work, I’ll change the wiring.