Landing gear on S900

Hi all,

We’re currently flying a DJI S900 frame fitted with a Cube autopilot, works like a charm.
Now the one thing we didn’t set up yet (since there was no need)was the retractable landing gear. Read the doc, servo cable to one of the AUX, shouldn’t be too hard, but I was wondering: what is the safe way of testing this (as in: not in flight)? I can imagine that take off the props, suspend, arm and then try the switch would work, but is there a less drastic way of trying it out on the bench?

You don’t need to arm the motors to test the LG.

I put my hex on a box that was tall enough to let the LG hang…

Be advised that you must cycle your LG switch from Deploy, to Retract, and then back to Deploy to “arm” the LG. This is by design so the gear do not retract when you connect the flight battery.

Thanks! That helps a lot.