Landing gear deploy with flight mode changes. Solved

This is a re-post of previously listed situation by several users with no resolution and really has nothing to do with 3.6 but since @rmackay9 is active here…
The situation is that the gear work properly in all functions but they deploy when an in flight mode change occurs instigated by rc input, not from gcs. I discovered after digging back into the issue for a full day that it only deploys when the transmitter switches are set up as logical. I changed to the six position switch and works fine. This may or may not be a big issue I guess, depending on the situation, I’m OK at this point with mechanical switching.

I guess one of your flight modes on the switch is land? Sounds like its going into land brefly on the way to the mode you selected. Land mode auto deploys the gear.

As always a log will help diagnose.

Good guess but happens with a switch from any mode

I will check more tomorrow, perhaps the pulse width for land is always passed through on a command. My other transmitter is still set up with the logical switches so I’ll investigate a bit deeper and post a log if I can’t find anything.
Thanks, good call


And a big thank you to @iampete. As it was configured every mode change passed through land flight mode. Just changed the PWM on the modes and all is well in my world.

Cheers RB