LAND Flight Mode (Selection) for ArduPilot in Mission Planner 1.3.59

I am currently configuring ArduPilot Flight Modes using Mission Planner 1.3.59.
In the DropDown List for the ‘Flight Mode Selection’ I do not see the LAND feature.
Question: Is there a LAND feature still available (autoland) like what I read about in the documentation? All I see is a QLAND selection - which I presume is for a QUAD COPTER type craft.

Here is the documentation on Automatic Landing:

Is this where you are reading about a “LAND feature”?

… I was reading about it here:

I wanted to be able to toggle a switch and have it ‘auto land’ however I do not find that selection an option in the mission planner Flight Mode Configuration Setting (even though it is listed here)

… I was reading about the LAND feature in the FLIGHT MODE section.

It lists it in the documentation; however it does not show up in the ‘drop down’ list when configuring my Flight Modes re-time (connected to the APM 2.6)…

Yes, here is the LAND page:

The top sentence explains: “Auto Land is set by the mission control scripting only.” This means that you won’t be able to find the LAND mode from the drop-down list as you desired.

RTL with do_land_start + land event in mission will do what you want

Thank you all, much appreciated.