Kyosho vibration absorption sheet, how to use?

Today when I went to the field to test fly my heli I found – luckily, before flying – that my FC had come unstuck from the frame.

The FC is a Mateck 743MINI mounted in a custom housing which itself is stuck to the side of my TRex 500 carbon frame with Kyosho vibration absorption 5mm sheet. I previously used 3M 3mm stuff, but I’m now trying this brand (Ardupilot wiki says it’s the best) to reduce vibration. When I peel off the paper backing there remains a thin film of rubbery adhesive each side of the sheet. Should I be peeling off this adhesive layer too, and sticking the green gel directly?

When I read descriptions of the sheet online it says the gel layer is sticky right through, and on all cut sides, so it seems like the adhesive layer immediately beneath the paper backing is something I’m not meant to use.

Anybody any experience with it please?

No, the double stick tape needs to stay, the gel itself won’t hold anything on.

OK, then I’m less than impressed with this stuff then, except that when it did stick it reduced the measured vibration considerably when compared to the previous 3M pads.

When I first applied it I had a couple of test flights, then removed it so I could change the position of some ballast I had on the FC housing. I was quite surprised how easy it was to remove, unlike the previous 3M tape which required a lot of work to get it off. This second application (new pads, not the old ones re-stuck) worked okay for one 1-minute test flight, but then fell off some time during transportation to the field today.

When sticking Velcro tape to many surfaces I use a drop of thin cyano to ensure it sticks. Would that help with this Kyosho sheet?

Edit: I’ve just realised, the sticky tape comes away from the gel, and remains on the frame.