KFF_THR2PTCH - expected behavior?

We currently have an MFE believer being tuned, and were wanting to mix some pitch up into it when increasing the throttle. KFF_THR2PTCH seemed like the appropriate parameter, but we see no elevator movement at any value when throttling up on the ground. Does this not work in manual? Currently using 3.9.1 (nuttx) on a pixhawk 1.

You are correct, it does NOT work in manual. KFF_THR2PTCH is only used during pitch-stabilization modes of flight. (And MANUAL is not a “stabilized” mode)

Correct, not in manual, and you may also get down pitching in automatic throttle modes due to TECS demanding down pitch to increase airspeed. KFF_THR2PTCH won’t fix that either.