Kakute - IBUS - Flysky IBUS FS-X6B more help needed?

Continuing the discussion from Kakute F7 IBUS receiver not working:

I’ve read and tried all the suggestions and thanks to those who try and help.
But I have a Flysky FS-X6B Rx (Ibus) attached to Serial6 on a Kakute F7 AIO and none of the configurations appear to work?
I have tried Serial6_options (37) and most other configurations including swap.
Long story short. Supplier sent HDV version instead of the ordered analog one.
Refused to swap or refund. This was many months ago and I have not tried to use the board until now!

Serial6_protocol to 23 and 0 options. Connect to the Rx pin. Obviously connect to the ibus/sbus outputs on the Receiver and configure for one of those protocols on the Transmitter. If that doesn’t work set it to PPM and connect to the PPM pins on the Receiver.

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HI Dave, Thanks for the reply.
It looks like I have TWO dead Receivers. The FC can’t see either of them in any configuration.
Also Holybro state quite clearley the the FC will not see PPM (I am using the IBUS socket on the rx BTW). The awkward part of this is that the Serial6 rx is in the HDV Socket on the F7AIO HDV board. I’ve had to splice the loom to connect.
I’ll put this project back on the shelf. I’ve ordered a Radiomaster R81 and try again.
Many thanks for the support!