Kakute H7 mini v1.3 - CRSF - Sensors not detected

I am only seeing very few sensors in Telemetry page using CRSF which I believe is the reason that Yaapu Lua script is not working for me. My rig config is below:
Kakute H7 mini V 1.3
Crossfire Nano RX and Crossfire Micro TX V2
Copter 4.4.4
RadioMaster TX 16S MKII running Edge TX version 2.7.1
RX Connections:
serial6_protocol set to 23 and serial6_option set to “0” per instructions here

I think I have the answer, but would like to get the confirmation from the experts. I think I should have wired the RX to Serial1/UART 1, but instead wired it to Serial6/ UART6 as per the instructions from holybro. Please advise if connecting the RX to UART 1 will do the job? If so then is below UART 1 on Kakute?


S1-S3.jpg are the current sensors showing in my TX

Attached is my Param file.

Kakute_Mini_H7_v_1.3.param (19.4 KB)
Also, wanted to confirm that the this link is the version of Yaapu script that I need to use for my Edge Tx based TX. Here is what I am showing for Yaapu Telemetry screen

UART6 should be fine. Do you get RC input in the Mission Planner RC page? Did you enable CRSF in the Yaapu widget (it’s off by default)

Thanks for the prompt response andyp1per!
And this is bizzare!

Today, I copied the contents again of c480x272 folder from the Yaapu dev link https://github.com/yaapu/FrskyTelemetryScript/releases/tag/OTX-ETX_Color-LCD_ver_2.0.0_beta3 and I am now getting Yaapu telemetry screen populated with Telemetry data. Please see attached.


I had connected FC and RX as below to get mavlink data in order to calibrate GPS and Accelerometer for my 2 inch quad which has been successful
RX CH 3 Mavlink.RX → FC UART4 TX
RX CH 4 Mavlink TX - > FC UART4 RX

I can now start figuring out why my 2 inch quad does not fly. I have used the SIK radio telemetry and Yaapu to troubleshoot my larger sized quads with Pixhawk4 and Cube Orange that now have the restrictions for flying. Once I figure out the config on this rig, I will then move on to building 5" rig below :-). Wish I had come across below before I started my 2 inch project.