Kakute F7 with arducopter doesnt detect gps

I am using kakute f7 with bn 880 gps/compass module, the compass works but the flight data says gps: no gps and i dont see any options to actually set it up does anybody have any ideas? I am running the latest kakute firmware and everything else works.

If you post a diagram of your wiring between the Kakute and the BN880, and a link to a param dump I’ll compare it to mine.

Sure is like this

And the parameters are like this
param.param (18.6 KB)

The post is uploading but i also see only blue led is flashing is this normal i mean the gps worked with inav before i put it on kakute

you also have SERIAL3_PROTOCOL set to 5 for GPS. I guess its looking for GPS1 on serial 3. Since you don’t have GPS two enabled it never looks past the first serial port set GPS.

Ok i set serial3_protocol to none and it now says no fix so it appears to be working now is just not getting 3d fix