Kakute F7 v1.5 change imu

Arducopter will be in kakute F7 v1.5

They change the imu too IMU: MPU6000 (SPI)

Does the firmware 3.6.10 support this change?


Not the Kakute F7 currently in the depository. It’s configured for the ICM20689. Some kind soul will have to create a version for that FC.

Don’t think I have ever seen a Kakute F7 with an MPU600, that would be a retrograde step. Are you sure you are correct? My recently bought Kakute F7 AIO and mini both have the 20689

That 1.5 version does have that IMU. I would guess for the Betaflight crew that say its “low noise”.

V1.5 actually does have MPU6000. Look here: http://www.holybro.com/product/kakute-f7-v1-5/

Hopefully we get arducopter support

Interesting… the hwdef.dat for KakuteF7 specifies

# one IMU
IMU Invensense SPI:mpu6000 ROTATION_YAW_180

maybe that works for both ICM20689 and MPU6000?

The difference is no fast-sampling on the MPU6000 because the accel fifo is too slow.
The drivers are basically the same, so I would have thought it would just work.

Confirm. Just get today 1.5 with MPU6000
But tried to flash firmware same way as I do with F4 v3AIO without success.
What I did:

  1. download arducopter_with_bl.hex for kakute V7
  2. connect kakute V7 via usb pushing button to be in DFU
  3. launching Betaflight (can see board is in DFU mode)
  4. charging local firmware
  5. activating Full chip erase
  6. I can see messages: USB open with success and USB close with success, but firmware was not flashed.

Did I miss a step? YES, I missed a step, update to latest RC Betaflight 10.6.0-RC2
and it works.

But at this time, seems that baro is not configured as I detect no vertical acceleration. I can provide more infos if needed to update the firmware.
Frame: QUAD
ChibiOS: 0997003f
ArduCopter V4.0.0-dev (748cf391)

So , will arducopter support the 1.5 version or should I go to kakute F7 AIO and buy new ESC?

Just be patient I opened an issue https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/12452#issuecomment-536732594

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