Kakute f7 aio and frsky R-XSR reciver

Hi i need help and advice how to connect and set up kakute f7 aio and frsky R-XSR.
I flashed kakute f7 aio with latest version arducopter the I connected drotek XL gps to kakute
RX/TX from drotek I connected to R1 T1 on FC. and SERIAL_1 is set to GPS.
Both compass and GPS works OK.
But I want to know how connect reciver and FC and what I have to configure in firmware.
Reciver R-XSR have 5 pins - GND , 5V, S.Port, SBUS_OUT/CPPM, SBUS_IN

Hello, tomekr.
Can you please help me to make my GPS/Compass works in Kakute F7?
I’ve connected it in VCC/GND, R4/T4 and SDA/SCL pins, but it is not being reckognized in Mission Planner. Btw, does it recognize it with only USB connection or do I have to connect a battery?

Could u pls explain what is not working? Did u measure voltage on vcc? I had no issues at all on any serial ports on kakute.

Hi, Paul! Thanks for your contact. The documentation of mRo uGPS/Compass is wrong. Rx/TX are inverted. I changed it and this is okay now. My problem with kakute f7 now is with Frsky Telemetry Pass-through. It’s not working with r9 mini receiver. I think it’s because the inverted uart. R9 mm comes with a inverted s.port and I think it will works.