Kakute F4 AIO V2 and Copter 3.6rc2?

Hi There,
How can I write copter3.6rc2 firmware to Kakute F4 AIO V2? Is it possible via MissionPlanner 1.3.56?

nobody knows is it possible?

Under supported boards in the docs, it says should be supported from arducopter 3.6, which is still only at Release Candidate 2. You could check the release notes.

Or check the build server :wink:

Missionplanner might not pull it down yet, and if you haven’t flashed an ArduPilot bootloader yet it might be painful.
You can load the _with_bl.hex files in latest (http://firmware.ardupilot.org/Copter/latest/KakuteF4/) using the BetaFlight configurator, which will flash both bootloader and firmware. Only use the _with_bl.hex the first time though as it wipes all your params etc. Once you’ve got the bootloader on the board, you can download the .apj file from the beta folder and flash as custom firmware through missionplanner

3.6.0-rc3 includes support for a few previously unsupported boards including the KakuteF4 and I see we have pre-built binaries for the KakuteF4 here but I’m not sure how the firmware can be loaded. I’ll ask if someone from the ArduPilot/ChibiOS channel can fill us in.

just follow this guide should be enough http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/using-DFU-to-load-bootloader.html?highlight=bootloader

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Is there a pinout/wiring diagram available for kakute f4 V2 with arducopter? It would be useful to know what arducopter ports correspond to what hardware pins. I got it running with GPS soldered to UART4 (SERIAL3) and compass on I2C. But I would like to know what else is available on this controller.

I have checked the Kakute F4 FW and flashed (both latest and beta - although latest seems more recent) on my Kakute F4 V2 board and none of them shows up as device in dmesg after flashing. I can enter DFU easily to re-update to Betaflight, but I also think there are some differences which make need for Kakute F4 V2 firmware?

I did take the one with _bl (and its also bigger so it does contain more than just firmware).

Any hints/suggestions?

EDIT: Got it now flashed and after re-checking the hashes and file (latest) and see it as: Product: KakuteF4-BL Manufacturer: ArduPilot

OK, I got it running, OSD and stuff as well. I am having problem finding BATT_CURR_PIN - can someone help? That is for monitoring battery voltage…

Anyone has any other nifty features to get some useful data on OSD?