Json sitl simulation error

Hi, everyone
I run sitl as following:
sim_vehicle.py -v ArduCopter -f JSON: --console --map
but I get error msg:
no json sensor message received sending servos
how could I resolve this problem, thanks


what simulator are you using with the Json backend ?

I use mavproxy, I just start this commander under ubuntu using vmware

I aslo test the sil simulator as following:
1 open mission planner, select simulation tab and click on plane to download the sil simulator,
2 cd to downloaded sitl folder,
3 excute the following commander in the cmd ArduPlane.exe --home 42.841448,24.770727,0.5,0 --model json
4 open mission planner, choose tcp 57600 to connect, ip and port 5760,
5 I also get no json sensor message received, resending servos

which may cause this problem, the mission planner or the sitl version, or the ip address?

json model say you will connect a simulator engine that will output the simulation state into our json format.

From the command you are showing you don’t connect a simulator engine. if you need normal simulation, remove the --model json and it will works with the default model.

I remove --model json, but it let add model
could you give me more message about simulator engine?