JSBSim git repository cannot be cloned

Hi everyone,

This is my first question here and I’m having problem with cloning git://github.com/tridge/jsbsim.git on ubuntu linux. I’m trying to simulate arduplane, following the steps on the tutorial “Setting up SITL on Linux”.

Terminal Log

yehtut@yehtut-Inspiron-5458:~$ git clone git://github.com/tridge/jsbsim.git
Cloning into ‘jsbsim’…
remote: Counting objects: 27370, done.
error: inflate: data stream error (incorrect data check) KiB/s
fatal: pack has bad object at offset 8583036: inflate returned -3
fatal: index-pack failed

Does anyone having the same problem like me? Or am I only one having this problem? Is there any problems with the git repository itself?

Also noticed that opening this repository on github with browser and downloading as a zip file even failed. How could I solve this? If somebody already have a working arduplane simulation setup on linux and willing to share the jsbsim source folder, it would be a great help for me.

Note that you don’t need to use JSBSim any more for SITL. You can use it, but you may prefer to use the built-in plane simulator instead. To do that just add “-f plane” to the command line.

I also tested the git clone of JSBSim here and it worked fine. Probably a temporary github glitch.
Anyway, I’d recommend using the built-in plane simulator, or consider using something like XPlane-10.
As of next week you will be able to use RealFlight8 instead, which is a really great simulation environment. Easily the best simulation experience available at the moment.

Thanks tridge,

Now I am using built-in plane simulator with your help and learning more to run a simulation

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Can RealFlight8 using VR?

The docs says it can, but I haven’t tried it. I don’t have a VR headset :frowning: