Joystick value change after connecting

Hello everyone.
This is my first drone build. I used a rpi 4b and a navio 2. I initialy planned to use the flysky fs-I6 with the
fs-ia6 reciever and a ppm encoder but came acros a problem that i cant fix right now so I changed my plans. I am now trying to use the Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick as controller. Now my problem: I set up my joystick in the joystick tab in the setup section under optional hardware. Everything seems to work fine until I connect to my drone. My zero values (who normally are 1500) are now 1015. I am expierencing the same problem as this guy: Joystick pwm config positions change after Arduplane connection .

Thank you al for your help.

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Joystick values got scaled based on the RCx_MIN, RCx_MAX and RCx_TRIM values from the flight controller. Check those params.