Joystick support

I’m new.
I compiling and flashing My PIXHAWK 2.4.8 last version firmware from git (APMrover2).
When I try control My car by PC Joystick, Mission Panner and QGroundControll tells "requires MAVLink MANUAL_CONTROL support"
It is possible to enable this features?


Have you had any success with this?



I just add Manual_control support for Rover, it should be in the next release. see :
But it currently miss the support from reverse thrust from qgroundcontrol

It works for me in MissionPlanner and I don’t get that message. Mission Planner does it via RC Overrides so you should be able to get it working in Mission Planner.

For QGC you are correct as QGC does the Joystick control via MANUAL_CONTROL messages and Rover doesn’t currently support that - @khancyr is doing great work and has started the process to add it.

Thanks, Grant.


Does one have to enable something for manual control to work? It doesn’t seem to work as is on Qgroundcontrol.