Jjrc X9 PX4 FMU v4

hi, I have a problem with a jjrc X9 that from Mission Planner is recognized as PX4 v4. during a session with MP unintentionally I updated the firmware with an open source, from that moment does not conclude the start procedure then the application on cellular only recognizes the FPV camera and transmits the video but all the telemetry parameters and option of the GPS functions and other are not marked. I would thank you if you help me solve this problem. I contacted Jjrc and C-Fly (dream) to get a copy of the original firmware. DF801-v.3.9

It’s impossible to know what changes they’ve made without the source code and param file. Can you provide a point of contact with the manufacturer?

Hi, unfortunately I haven’t received a reply from JJRC and C-FLY. I have contacted the companies numerous times. I would like to understand how to explore the motherboard and understand the components and assemble a firmware. This is possible?

I have this file that I have no idea what it is used for and also a .param file. I hope something extra will help. Thanks

dream-v3.6-2018.7.28.bin (486.8 KB)
Parametri_X9.param (8.6 KB)

However this File that now I send activates the possibility to me to connect my X9 to Mission Planner.

px4fmu-v4_APM_obtain.bin (602.4 KB)

You can enter the X9 parameters in PX4fmu-v4_APM_obtain.bin as it appears to make the X9 drone work but does not activate its
devices … GPS - Flow camera - flight controls.

ok, I’ve had a quick look. The processor isn’t an FMUv4, but it seems they are using the fmu v4 bootloader. An fmuv4 firmware from MissionPlanner will not work.
This has an STM32F405, as the main processor. I’m pretty flat out right now but I’ll try to work out a plan

I’ve ordered one, as I needed a new RTF to hack on :slight_smile:
Will have a look when it arrives

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I met the same problem and I figure how to solve it but now I cannot do it.
Solution is that get another normal one , read back firmware.bin file from it`s SWD ( mark FLY) port with Jflash.
And program back the file back to the bricked one.
But now I cannot find another good one drone so stuck here.


Good day. I have the same problem and I ordered a new board. If you give instructions on how to get the firmware from it, I will do it.

Hello, is your name Roman? did you mean C-FLY Dream?

Yes, my name is Roman))
And yes, I’m talking about the C-Fly Dream.
I ordered a new motherboard, but it did not help - the drone gives an error when it is turned on (the LEDs are red)

Are you from Russia?))

ну блин ! свои!!!)))

можно с тобой через почту пообщаться…мне так проще или вацап или еще как!? письма писать на почту россии!!)) dima-nt@mail.ru )))ежели пожелаете))

мы можем пообщаться по эл.почте ?мне так проще или вацап или еще как !? письма писать на почту россии !!)) dima-nt@mail.ru ))) ежели пожелаете))

Read the firmware does not work, it is worth reading protection. That is, 100% drone can be put on the shelf or in the trash

After self-torture, I still-pulled the firmware from the flight controller. True, the gyroscope does not work for me, but it seems that it itself broke, well, or the cable is damaged.
Therefore, if everything is fine with you - accomplish your goal, and if someone gives or sells a gyroscope card, I will be very grateful. Since they are not sold separately, I don’t want to buy another board with a gyroscope at all. And so there are already 2 boards.
It was not possible to flash through MP, flashing through the ST Link V2 programmer, via J-Flash Lite interface SWD

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can you tell me in a simple way how to flash the firmware with arduino … or what program and hardware you used …thank you