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Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit Autonomous UAV -- Reference Design Assistance

I’m building a working UAV capable of indoor (later outdoor) autonomous navigation running Ardupilot with a Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit onboard companion computer. Thank you for reading this far. I’ll be grateful for any suggestions, advice, cautions, etc. I’ll be glad to respond if there are questions or requests for additional information.

I’m an intermediate FPV pilot using BetaFlight (advanced beginner with iNav), but a complete noob with Ardupilot. I’m also a complete beginner with the AI/ML/Robotics spaces.

After a few weeks of research and setup, here’s what I’ve assembled so far:

Quadcopter Kit:
a. Holybro Durandal FC
b. Holybro Pixhawk 4 Power Module (PM07)
c. Holybro Pixhawk4 GPS
d. Holybro 500mW Telemetry Radio V3 915MHz
e. FrSky Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 TX
f. TBS Tracer Micro TX (inserted into Taranis JR module bay)
g. TBS Tracer Nano RX
h. T-Motor F80 PRO KV1900 Motors (x4)
i. T-Motor F45A 32bit V2 ESCs (x4)
j. Benewake TF02 LiDAR (x1)

Autonomous Navigation Kit:
a. Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit
b. Intel RealSense D435i Depth Camera (x1)
c. Intel RealSense T265 Tracking Camera (x1)
d. RPLidar A1M8 360 Degree Laser Range Scanner (x1)

I haven’t found a frame yet and unsure if I’ll need to roll my own. Right now I have all of the components mounted on a plywood scaffolding until everything is connected, working together, and I’ve found a suitable frame.

I’d Love to follow your project. By this summer I am planning to modify mine with a realsense 265 and a 455 with a jetson nano. The frame will be done with a 3D printed chassis and carbon fibre arms. I have some experience on 3d printed frames and I think that they are the best solution to acomodate many devices.

Thanks, Andres! I’ll create a project on Hackster and post the link, along with the details and current progress. I appreciate your interest and encouragement.

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