JetCat Telemetry

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to connect the telemetry of the Jetcat turbines to the Pixhawk?
It would be really handy to have that data, like fuel or rpm. In case of problems you could analyze those values in the log.
To date I have only found a way to see them with a LUA script on the radio (

Thank you so much

if it works with frsky telemery it might able to work with ardupilot in the future without much effort.

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Hey Lorenzo Iā€™m facing the similar issue. Iā€™m using V12 ECU in which telemetry adapter is inbuilt into it. I want to get the data (i.e. RPM, EXT Temp,ā€¦) from the Telemetry port into the Pixhawk Cube Orange.