JCZK Heli and MiniPix

Davi, I accept your request to get your JCZK helicopter working. You may send it to me at: 15321 37th Ct. E, Parrish, Florida 34219. AS I remember, it is shipped in a very protective EPO foam container. Use UPS or FedEx with tracking.
I have been flying RC since the days of rubberband driven escapements and hard tube carrier wave receivers. I published American Modeler magazine in the 1960’s 1970’s.
Your messages come to me through ArduCopter. I am at aerocarv@aol.com.
It is possible that the JCZK equipment was originally defective. You should find out if it can be refunded or replaced before sending it here. Who did you get if from? Banggood or AliExpress?
Let me know. Ed

Hi Davi
I bought a JCZK 300c gps helicopter with radiolink AT9S.But I accidentally deleted the original set up from my AT9S.Can you help me to restore that or tell me how to set my AT9s for JCZK 300s please

I have all the manuals for the KCZK and the transmitter. aerocarv@aol.com . Can forward to you directly. I do not knw if I can forware withing the ArduCopter group.


I’m also having JCZK 450L and as you’ve suggested, I would like to try to calibrate 380A so to have it flying better, safer and more stable.
The problem is - the micro USB connector is on the back of 380A and it seems to be so close to the wires and the the frame of 450L that I just can’t find the way to plug the micro USB cable without disassembling the 380A from the heli frame. What’s more, even if I manage to plug the micro USB into the 380A, I can’t figure out how to perform the calibration with laptop connected to the unit and helicopter. Would be great if there could be some wireless option available for connecting 380A and MP.
Please, do you have some advice on how to do that?


UPDATE: In helping an owner of a JCZK 300 helicopter, his 380 controller just failed. He sent it to me. INSIDE IS A MiniPix LABELED AS RadioLink V1.2 MiniPIx. RadioLink, in an email exchange, says they do not know anything about JCZK. But, they sent me both the RadioLink and the Arducopter firmware. If needed, let me know.

Does anyone with a JCZK 300c helicopter made a MissionPlanner file of the setup and parameters for this helicopter. I made them for the JCZK 450L. Again, If needed I can post. It is different from the files for the 300c, as far as I know at this time. Please forward or post to me,.

Last, has anyone experienced a sudden failure of the JCZK controller for no apparent reason? That is what happened to David’s 380a JCZK controller. We do not know why.

Hello, I just entered this díscussion, because I own a 300C since a few days, after starting with a 450L a few weeks ago. The 450L I gave away. Enclosed you find the MP-Full-Parameter-List of the 300C, saved in the unchanged status as delivered. Hope it is usefull.

May I ask a few questions:
Is it sensefull to update the firmware from the acual state 3.3.5 to 3.3.8? And if so, will Radiolink’s firmware for MiniPix 1.2 be the right one / how can I figure out the hardware version of the 380A without opening the case?

In position-hold-mode the 300C flies very nicefull. But when I lift it up, I can hear the motor-speed going down. Shouldn’t the speed be constant? Can this be corrected in the tx or in MP ?

On the other hand in stabilized-mode the motor speed is much higher and the tail is constantly, slowly turning to the right, so that I have to permanently correct it with the tx-stick. How can I avoid this? Is it enough to change model-parameters in the tx (D/R exp) or do I have to change parameters in MP?

Many thanks!

FullParameterList.param (13.5 KB)
FullParameterTree.param (13.5 KB)

Thank you very much. I’ll be trying the 300c parameters this evening.
Laurenz, If you opened the JCZK controller, you will find a MiniPix V1.2.
Regarding lower motor/head speed after lift off, remember, the rotor is going from 0 pitch to a higher setting for flight. It is loading the motor which was running almost free just before. Regarding the tilt. Check that the swashplate is absolutely level mechanically. Check that the controller is also perfectly level. Ed

I have a JCZK 300 helicopter model and an AT9 S Pro Radiolink transmitter, but unfortunately I accidentally knocked down the factory settings of the transmitter.
Could you please advise me how to restore them?
Have a good day!

Dmitry. Do you have Mission Planner on a PC? Download from RadioLink, the manual for MiniPix. The JCZK setup for the AT9S is the same. The JCZK controller is a MiniPix inside. Contact me I’d you need more help. Ed

Hello Ed! The only thing I’m missing is the transmitter settings. Helicopter controller settings - ok
Following the site’s recommendations for settings, on switch C (AUX-F/S-HOVER) and (GPS-ATTI-NORMAL) these settings are different from the original ones.
The motor does not turn on.
Could you take a photo or video of the factory settings of each segment of your transmitter and send them to me?
Have a good day!

Do you have Mission Planner on a PC? It will help you tremendously to see and adjust, if necessary. When working with the helicopter and it does not start up, PLEASE disconnect the helicopter’s motor. Connect the ESC to another brushless motor. But, you do have access to the three drive wires to it. Please, label each of the three wires AND the corresponding leads from the motor. Their connection determines the rotation of the motor. For testing with an external brushless motor it’s rotation does not matter. Below are the transmitter settings. Turn on the TX. Press the Mode button. See long menu. Scroll down to AUX-Ch. Click on Ch5-Attitude. You will have the setup/menu as below. Click on each setting and use the rotary knob to make changes. NOTE: I setup SW3 and SW2 to different switches that as the helicopter came to you. I think you will like my preference better. Let me know if this gets it flyable. By the way, where are you locate?. I am in Florida. Look through the correspondence between Dave and myself. Especially, find the links to downloads for the helicopter, the transmitter, MiniPIx, Mission Planner, QGroundControl and etc. Download the MiniPIx manual. Ed
My TX settings for the AUX-CH.
for CH5.
SW3 is SwC SW2 is SwF
Stabl= 0%
Stabl= 90%
Stabl= 90%
RTL= 90%
Click on the names above and choose the desired name for that function.
If you have the helicopter connected to MP, you will see these changes immediately. Go to the page in MP for MODES.

Hello Ed!
Thank you very much for your willingness to help me!
I live in Denver, Colorado. After purchase, the helicopter functioned normally. I checked all the functions, switches and turning on the motor with the blades removed. Everything worked well. The problem appeared after I installed another model and forgot to change M-1 to M-2. I followed your advice and installed the Mission Planner, but unfortunately the whole thing turned out to be a bit complicated for me.
Therefore, I hope that the whole problem is in the transmitter and after resetting to the factory settings everything will work.
Now switch A is not working. Also now there is a warning-THR POSITION. It didn’t exist before.
Thanks again for your help.
Have a good day!

Dimitry, hold the left stick down. The errors should clear. But, I have not seen that error.
If loading my values and sticks, then SwB will be for arming. SwB down is armed position. Then SwC will be for Modes.

SwA will not be used.


I have JCZK 450l GPS helicopter… I think the mechanical setup is quite good and also the flying is stable in GPS mode.

Today I went flying early on the quite cold sunny morning. I lifted off in GPS mode and when I don’t touch the controls, I have noticed that the height goes little bit too much up and down in very slow movement. I mean, everything seems to be OK but the height was less stable than usual.

When I auto analysed data flash logs after that flight, everything was GOOD. Also I can see that GPS reception is also good, 15 satellites during the flight. Also, no ERR messages in data flash logs. VIBE is also very good.

Can it be that sometimes the air pressure outside is just ‘unstable’ so that the barometer constantly tries to correct the height so the heli slowly moves up and down?