JCZK 450L Helicopter

Hello, I’m new and it’s my first rc helicopter. For some reason the code that makes the helicopter works and fly is missing. I created a new models but it doesn’t work. I can’t not even start it.
I wonder if somebody has the code to copy into AT9S Pro to make the helicopter works.

@Paulst.St.Germain i hope you don’t mind but I moved your post to the traditional helicopter section of the forum. It will be seen by more helicopter enthusiasts. I am not as familiar with this particular heli but I have seen some threads that have been dedicated to the setup of these vehicles. Here is a recent active thread on this.

I don’t mind. Maybe somebody helps me. Thanks

The two products, and the only products of JCZK, are beautiful and expensive. The were originally sold buy AliExpress several years ago. Judging by the amount of replies and complaints, I am guessing the quantity might be half a million buyers. The product is still being sold the Chinese way. They are still being sold rebadged, bastardized, and at ridiculous prices, both high and low. No one knows who JCZK is.We do know, the JCZK 450L is a GART product. It too has several badges and various prices. JCZK does not make the physical helicopter. We do not know who makes the beautiful Schweitzer 300.
Only the helicopter controller is common and is labeled KCZK.
The helicopter was and still is sold with no instructions, no web sites to contact, not even how to turn it on!
These are sold with a RadioLink 9AT6 transmitter. The controller appears to be a clone of the RadioLink MiniPix. But RadioLink does not admit anything and does not support it at all. Yet, all their external accessories work with the JCZK product controller.
In fact, in my tries to get it to work and even try a MiniPix using MissionPlanner, we have corresponded several times.
Good to hear from you. In the site I have many inputs.
Good flying.

Bill Geyer, Not explained on Arducopter, but may be too obvious. When loading parameters for JCZK 450L or JCZK 300c helicopter to a MiniPix V1.2, is it intended that I should first install the Arducopter Helicopter file first? Or, Arducopter MultiRotor file first?
When loading only the parameter for these two helicopters first, I always get a message the “frame_ xxx” is not entered.

@aerocar Ed,
You would load the firmware first. Does the mini pix have arducopter or arducopter heli already loaded on it? If it had the straight arducopter which is for multicopters and then you loaded the heli version, then I think it would reset the parameters and you shouldn’t get that message. But I may be wrong. You may just want to reset the parameters according to the wiki so you know you are starting from a new load of the firmware.

I would be careful about loading the parameters from one heli to another. There is a compare Params button in mission planner in the full parameter list page. You can use that to see what parameters were different and select only the parameters you want to change. Most likely you would only change the attitude controller settings and such. Of course you will have to do the compass calibration and accel calibration. So it isn’t a bad idea just to do the radio calibration too.

Hopefully I answered your question.

Bill, Thanks for the answer. I just loaded the helicopter firmware. Immediately, the MiniPix worked properly. It is then a two step process. First the firmware and then the parameters. The only thing not working is getting GPS fix.