Issues with Pixracer in 3.8.0beta3

I recently purchased a Pixracer from AUAV and am trying to get it to run with Plane. Using 3.7.1 if I attempted to do an Onboard Mag Calibration the FC would freeze up. I read in another thread that 3.8.0Beta had some Pixracer fixes so I tried that. The current Beta now seems to correct the Calibration issue and it completes (though I have other compass issues which I’ll deal with in a separate post) but I’ve found other issues using a Pixracer on 3.8.0beta3.

First, connecting with Mission Planner (1.3.45) over Wifi randomly takes anywhere from the normal 20 seconds up to 13 minutes. It’s averaging about 8 minutes. Needless to say this is painful. Connecting over USB works as normal. This problem did not occur when using 3.7.1.

Second, in MP on the Airspeed setup page I can not select the Enable and Use Airspeed tick boxes or select from the Arispeed Pin dropdown. All of the controls on this page are off. Oddly, the airspeed value on the flight data page shows rapidly updating values even when there is no sensor connected. Again, this seemed to work fine with 3.7.1.

Third, and this isn’t quite as important, the dates on Data Flash Log files are all “12/30/1979 4:00 PM.” The correct dates were shown in 3.7.1.

To try to debug my issues, I’ve created the simplest test bed I can - I’ve simply mounted my Pixracer, GPS, power supply and receiver to a sheet of Coroplast keeping them as far apart as possible so there’s no electronic, RF, or magnetic interference.

Here’s a picture of my test setup.

Here’s a link to a Data Flash Log from startup.
2017-03-22 09-57-07.bin (2.3 MB)