APM:Plane 3.7.1 released and 3.8.0 almost ready for beta

Hi. What about release notes from 3.8.0 beta ?

also interested in 3.8 :slight_smile:

Servo reverse not working in Arduplane 3.8.3 Beta .

Hi Everyone, sorry for being so slow getting 3.8 out. It is still just that I haven’t had time to do the documentation for the large changes in servo config in 3.8.

I suspect this is a GCS issue. The parameter has changed from RCn_REV to SERVOn_REVERSED and it is now 1 for reversed and 0 for not reversed. There is some work needed in the GCS user interfaces to cope with this change.

O saw RCn_reversed in mission planner.

thanks tridge for the infos :slight_smile:
any estemated release?

Has anyone ran into any issues with 3.8.0 and enabling quadplane support? It seems that when you go to enable 1 or 2 for q mode that when you refresh your parameters its fails mainly on gnd_temp, _ice and a few other parameters. Also has anyone noticed on plane 3.7.1 that with quadplane enabled we cannot inject gps for rtk solution. We are using emlid reaches we are able to start the injection in mission planner but never can get a fix using 3.7.1. We upgraded to 3.8.0 the one Tridge gave to my coworker for our firefly6 and 3.8.0 solved the non injection issue and gets a very good fix. now just running into problems with enabling quadplane and refreshing parameters it gets hung up. I’ll try and get some photos.

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I’ve finally release APM:Plane 3.8.0beta4 today. This release fixes quite a number of bugs from beta3, thanks to testing by quite a few users.
My apologies again for the slow updates. There is some incomplete information on the changes in the 3.8 series in the release notes here:
I hope to work more on the documentation updates soon.

that is likely to be a GCS specific issue. If you are using MissionPlanner can you try with the latest daily build? If it still fails, can you open an issue for MissionPlanner for Michael to fix?

Hi Tridge and thank you for a wonderful job.

Please where can I find more detials on these 3? especially the second one…

  • support for deepstall landing
  • support automatic servo trimming
  • greatly improved automatic landing accuracy

@WickedShell added that code, and I expect he will document it soon. I’ve pinged him.

that one is easy, just set SERVO_AUTO_TRIM=1 and the SERVOn_TRIM values get auto-corrected in flight

that doesn’t require anything to be setup, its the same parameters, just improved code

Thank you sir, very nice!

As I read this, I saw MP had an update and walla everything is working! thanks for all the work you do tridge, much appreciated! Will be working with 3.8.0b4 from now on!!

I’ve just started to follow the discussion, I’m new to this beta environment. Does anyone know how long it takes for the beta to become an official release?

Hi Pedro,

There’s really no time frame set. It depends on any issue found and also the availability of the vehicle maintainers. Usually Plane is quite fast, but @tridge has been very busy so 3.8 is being hard to get out the door - desire to do it is certainly there, but unfortunately days only have 24 hours :slight_smile:

Dear Sir,
Do you have any details about Beta 05 just released?
Best regards

Release 3.8.0beta5, 1st May 2017

The ArduPilot development team is proud to announce the release of
version 3.8.0beta of APM:Plane. This is a major release. All users
should carefully check their setup when upgrading.

Major changes include:

  • new SRV_Channel system for setting up of output servos separately
    from input RC channels
  • new elevon and vtail support system
  • new EKF3 state estimator (not enabled by default yet)
  • support for tailsitter aircraft
  • greatly improved support for tilt-rotor quadplanes
  • greatly improved quadplane transition code
  • support for deepstall landing
  • large improvements in airspeed noise handling
  • much improved RTK GPS support
  • support automatic servo trimming
  • greatly improved automatic landing accuracy
  • significant improvements in altitude handling
  • significant improvement in sensor drivers, with higher sample rates
    and improved vibration resistance

On top of that there have been hundreds of smaller improvements and
bug fixes.

From the users point of view the most significant change in setup is
moving of RCn_FUNCTION parameters into new SERVOn_FUNCTION parameters,
and the creation of separate output MIN/MAX/TRIM values for all servo
outputs. This allows for much more flxible output setup that is
independent of RC input setup.

Hope for final 3.8.0 soon , thanks @tridge for your great work.
I tested the beta at my quadplane and it worked flawless. everything as expected. the new servo stuff is awsome… so much easy and more logical.


Sir, I see today on mission planner arduplane v3.8.0beta6

but no change log anywhere. Can anyone elaborate on beta 6?

Thank you

Hey Guys,

I’ve been following the release of the 3.8 beta for some time now and very impressed with all the latest activity in this area. The servo mapping function is a great improvement but not quite perfect in my opinion.

When do you think you will be a good position for a full stable release of 3.8?