Issues when EK2/EK3_ALT_SOURCE = 1

Hi there,

I’m trying to stabilize my quad copter without GPS - PX4 flowkit and teraranger evo as the main sensors.
Until now I was flying it using EK2/EK3_ALT_SOURCE = 0 (barometer) and everything was fine but since I want to fly indoor in narrow places the barometer is not reliable enough in this situations so I tried to work with EK2/EK3_ALT_SOURCE = 1 (rangefinder) but i’m getting a lot of ekf-errors that causes weird things like sharp altitude changes and sudden roll cmd’s.

I’m attaching two logs - one with EK2/EK3_ALT_SOURCE = 0 and the other with EK2/EK3_ALT_SOURCE = 1.

What is wrong?

Was this with Pozyx by any change? I tested the same for the z-axis, ended up in Toilet Bowling with changing this…