Issue with RC inputs on Raspberry Pi (obal board)


I’m trying to get arduplane working on my version of the obal board. I’m using Raspberry pi zero 2 w (same cpu die as Rpi3B).

The board expects individual servo channels on its inputs. Unfortunately in mission planner there is no activity at all on Radio calibration page.

So I built the examples/RCInput tool to check if this is an issue with my hardware. When running the tool it displays all 8 inputs with correct values changing as expected.

Are there any configuration items I should review? For example I read somewhere Sbus input requires a serial port. What about the legacy RC inputs, do I also need to configure one of serials for it?

I have all serial ports set to disabled other than no 0 (mavlink) and 1 (GPS).

Perhaps there are some debug settings I can use to get to the bottom of it?

It appears my problem is caused by radio failsafe. I was only trying few channels at a time and failsafe were being triggered and rc input was ignored.

When I attached all 8 channels and I set throttle to 1500 it started working.

Is there some way I can define disappearance of which rc inputs should trigger rc failsafe? The documentation isnt very clear to me.

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