Issue with precision loiter and landing

Good Day

I would like to check with you on why my heal value is 1 whereas my Tacq is 0 despite adjusting the lens before flying and making the quadcopter fly over and hover at the beacon? Is there any possibility that GPS or PID Control and Kalman Filter will affect the precision landing of the quadcopter? The flight log is as attached. The time recorded by the Mission planner is 1/1/1980 when i conducted the test today.


Junhui2019-03-07 16-44-51.tlog (316.9 KB)
2019-03-07 16-51-06.tlog (247.2 KB)
1 1-1-1980 8-00-00 AM.bin (810.2 KB)
2019-03-07 15-47-21.tlog (131.6 KB)
2019-03-07 15-27-01.tlog (295.5 KB)
2019-03-07 15-24-54.tlog (727.2 KB)
1 1-1-2000 9-17-58 AM.bin (132 KB)

This usually means that the Pixy is not detecting the beacon. You can test this by pointing the Pixy at the beacon; the LED will be red when it sees the beacon.

If the LED does not turn red, then usually the problem is the lens focus is wrong, or the Pixy has the wrong firmware.
You can check both of these things by downloading PixyMon 1.0.2 from the IR-Lock website. The Pixy firmware MarkOne 1.0.1 is also there. If you update the Pixy’s firmware, you must remember to reset the Pixy’s configuration parameters in PixyMon by selecting Action -> Reset to default parameters (or something like that).